Scadventures, pet hotels, mapping recommendations

Brittni Nowell, 9 Aug 2017

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

"Hey Fin! Have you already made a reservation for Charlie at Wag Hotels while we're in Ireland? If you haven’t, will you make sure he’s all set?"

→ If you have pets, ask Fin to arrange care any time you plan to leave town.

"Hi Fin! I’m running half an hour late today. Can you adjust my afternoon appointments accordingly?"

→ Next time you’re running late, ask Fin to run damage control and start pushing or rescheduling your meetings for a better time.

"Fin, Can you recommend a few hotels and AirBnb’s near the NYU Game Center and add them to a map for me?"

→ Next time you’re headed out of town for an event, ask Fin to create a map of recommendations near your destination.

"Thanks for reaching out, Ben! No plans to be in Paris at the moment, but when something gets on the books I'll absolutely drop you a line."

→ Copy Fin on emails you intend to get back to at a later date and Fin will bring them to the top of your inbox when the time is right.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Questival a 24-hour team based scavenger hunt of adventures, is heading to San Francisco on September 29th. If you have a group that’s up for the challenge, ask Fin to grab tickets before the prices go up. Bonus: Each racer gets a free Cotopaxi Luzon Backpack. Trust us, they’re awesome.

Forget about the two minute brushing routine and start cleaning your teeth perfectly in 6 seconds with Blizzident. We haven’t given this one a try yet but are excited about the idea of throwing away the traditional brush in exchange for a simple, more efficient routine. If you’re interested, ask Fin to find a dentist near you that can make a mold of your teeth.