Arete, drafting dragons, and the path of totality

Brittni Nowell, 2 Aug 2017

The Fin Explorer, Volume 11

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

"Alright, Fin. Can you help me find a set of remote locations with the most favorable conditions for viewing the August 21 solar eclipse along the path of totality?"

→ Tell Fin what you’d like to do. Fin will tell you where you need to be. 🌒⛰

"Can you get me a round trip quote and estimated travel time for 5 people and an infant to travel from Budapest to Vienna via helicopter? Thanks Fin!"

→ Ask Fin to grab quotes and estimated travel times when brainstorming trips with friends and family.

"Fin, remember that I want to explore the Greek concept of arete. If you have any articles regarding that, please feel to send them over."

→ Share your interests with Fin and receive Fin’s knowledge in return.

"Hey Fin, can you book me an infrared sauna session at a place called Higher Dose? I'd like to do 60 minutes. If they have a bunch of questions when booking use your best judgment. Put it on my calendar. Thanks!"

→ Fin will not only book the appointment, but use judgement through the booking process to save you time and make sure the task gets done.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt, a popular Summer performance series has returned to the Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden in NYC every Thursday evening through August 24. Check out the line up and let Fin know if you’d like to buy a ticket.

For all the GOT fans out there, the 7th season is in full swing and we’re pretty excited about it. 🙃 Let Fin know if you’d like help setting up a fantasy league for you and your friends. Where else can you draft dragons and receive 50 points for acquiring Valyrian steel? 🐉

Over 200 vintage toys and games are on display in LA at the Autry Museum of the American West’s exhibit “Play!” Items include everything from bicycles and vintage video games to the first licensed Disney toy, a 1930s Mickey doll. If you’re in the area and looking to get nostalgic, be sure to check it out.