Nintendo's classics, aerial advertisements and speaking emoji

Brittni Nowell, 3 Jul 2017

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

"Fin, I'd like to go on a weekend trip to Mendocino the weekend of the 7th. Could you find me the most highly rated hotel for under $200/night with availability Friday and Saturday nights?"

โ†’ Ask Fin to do the research for your weekend getaway and book your hotel with your budget in mind.

"๐Ÿ’‡ appointment at the place in the Embarcadero Center."

โ†’ Fin understands you and your emojis. Create shorthands with Fin to streamline your repeated tasks.

"When planes fly around towing those giant signs, how do they land? And do they take off with the sign already attached? All the scenarios I can think of seem very unsafe."

โ†’ Never interrupt your conversation searching for information again. Ask Fin to find the answers so you can stay in the moment.

"Hey Fin! I'm going to see TOOL tonight in San Jose. Can you give me an estimate of how long it will take me to get to the SAP center from Fruitvale BART station by car? Also, find me a good parking garage close to the arena and let me know how much it will cost."

โ†’ Ask Fin to plan your route for important events.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Prismatic Park, a public exhibit by created by Josiah McElheny consisting of sculptures of wood, glass and tile, is on display in Madison Square Park through October. Artists, poets, musicians and dancers will use the sculptures as a backdrop in a succession of two-week residencies. Let Fin know if youโ€™d like to set up a time to check it out.

Nintendo is reviving the Super Nintendo with the release of the new miniature Super NES Classic this September. With an old fashioned controller in hand, get ready to play classics like Super Mario Cart and F-Zero.

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Loic Le Meur wrote about his experience using Fin last week.

โ€œAfter a week using Fin, I absolutely love it. It just works. You say anything using your voice and it will understand it correctly.โ€