Destination unknown, a festival for foodies, and turning your entire desk into a touchscreen

Brittni Nowell, 12 Jul 2017

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

"Hi Fin, I want to leave town on Wednesday and maybe come back on Sunday. I want to use Amtrak but I don't really know where it goes. Can you look into some options and tell me what’s possible?"

→ Not sure of your destination? Ask Fin to make a list based on your travel preferences.

"Hey Fin, I'm going to host a poker party at my house in 2 weeks. Can you find 2 dealers that will bring the tables, poker chips and stuff to deal the game? Thanks."

→ Ask Fin to find and book you the best party entertainers for your event.

"Can you look at tomorrow’s New York water taxi schedule and find one from 34th Street that will get me to Dotory just before they open? Then put it into my calendar and invite Jessica. Thanks!"

→ Fin can plan your travel based on where and when you need to arrive, help you stay organized and keep other parties in the loop.

"Hey Fin, can you show me a couple of easy Vegan recipes that I can make this Friday?"

→ Fin can be your helping hand when you want to try something new.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Carnegie Mellon is currently working on a projector that will turn your entire desktop into a touch screen. It’s a long way from being available for purchase but the days of virtual displays interacting with the physical world are closer than you think!

Eat Drink SF is coming back to San Francisco in August and there’s no better place to sample your way through dishes from some of the Bay Area’s top-tier chefs and restaurants. If you’re interested in snagging a ticket or learning more, just let Fin know.