Fin in Phoenix, treating yourself and 1984 at Broadway’s Hudson Theater

Brittni Nowell, 6 Jun 2017

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

"Fin, I like to go camping but all the good campgrounds around here require reservations months in advance. Will you start booking me a campground once a quarter, within 2 hours driving distance, for three months out?"

→ Ask Fin to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on the activities you love.

"I'm trying to adjust some habits. Can you keep track of when I leave for work in the morning? And I'd like a weekly report on deviation from my target times."

→ Ask Fin to track your routines and hold you accountable for your daily goals.

"Fin please buy me a present every month. $20 or less including shipping. Please use my Amazon account in The Vault. I'll pretend it's from you."

→ Everyone loves surprises. Treat yourself and ask Fin to send a monthly gift to you or someone you care about.

"Yo Fin, Can you call in an order for a BBQ chicken calzone from Mike’s Calzones with grilled chicken and blue cheese on the side at 3:30pm. I’ll plan on picking it up at 3:45pm."

→ Ask Fin to place your lunch order at a time that’s convenient for you.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

George Orwell’s dystopian Novel, 1984, has been making a steady comeback since the election of 2016. A theatrical version, originating in England, is now in previews at Broadway’s Hudson Theater in New York. Ask Fin to book you a ticket on a night you’re free.

Google is moving into the physical space of office collaboration with the release of the Jamboard last month. Let Fin know if you’d like to order one for your team.