Assist and Search

Rob Cheung, 12 Apr 2017

This week we released a new web interface for Fin and a dramatically improved iOS application. The goal of these updates is to simplify, clarify, and speed up the two core use cases of Fin:

  1. Assist: Fin can email, coordinate, calendar, call, book, buy, research, etc on your behalf. It’s great for business or personal use.

  2. Search: In the process of working for you and others Fin builds a personal knowledge graph you can use to quickly find people, places, and things that are relevant for you.


Until now these two use-cases have been combined into a single UI. This update clearly separates them into two spaces, which we hope makes it easier and clearer how to use Fin while allowing each product to be faster and more focused on its own.

Why Assist + Search We believe that offering a great digital assistant product requires creating a system that continuously learns about you. Fin automatically remembers and structures important information from your conversations. In the process of helping you do things, Fin learns a lot about you–who is important in your life, which restaurants you like, the books you’ve read, and so on.

The ability to efficiently search this graph and understand things about you enables Fin to be a great assistant.

Having access to this graph in the app allows you to quickly recall any of the information that Fin has saved for you.

What It Means For You

Our goal for Fin is to create a great Assist and Search experience with a combination of human and computer intelligences. We are deeply focused on helping you get things done, but in the process we also want to build a truly different and personal index on the world that helps you find things, ideas, and experiences that simply are inaccessible today.