Testimonial: Ryan Panchadsaram, KPCB

1 Dec 2017

Testimonial: Ryan Panchadsaram, KPCB

Ryan Panchadsaram is partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and has been a Fin customer since April 2017. Below is an interview with him about how he gets the most out of Fin.

What benefits have you realized from using Fin?

It’s been empowering to have Fin in my personal life, so that I can use it for myself (as opposed to a work EA). I have a lot of things that just take too much time to do. When I ask Fin to just take care of it, that value of time vs cost is priceless. I don’t have to break any flow in the moment; Fin is always in the background ready to help.

What is your favorite feature or use case?

My favorite use of Fin has been recurring appointments. My wife and I go to a few gym classes quite often, but you have to book a week in advance, and they fill up really fast. So I have Fin doing that for me automatically, which is great.

Fin was also really helpful and useful in booking things for the house. We had a plumbing issue, and all I had to say was “Fin, can you find a plumber and send them over?” Fin is very good for these types of recommendations and more — “Where can I go get something? Where is a good place to make an appointment? Where can I make a reservation?”

How would you describe Fin?

I think of Fin as a person, a team, that augments what I am able to do. It’s an added convenience.

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