Testimonial: Julian Riediger, LiveRamp

1 Dec 2017

Julian Riediger is the Director of Product, International Growth at LiveRamp. Julian has been a Fin user since January 2016. Below is an interview with him about how he uses Fin for both personal and professional help.

What made you interested in Fin? I happened to read about Fin when my role at work started to require more organizational challenge coordinating and solving. I have a background in machine learning, and I thought Fin looked really interesting. There was something here that was different than Siri-like things that would never work in practice. I didn’t have a personal assistant, but thought it could be incredibly useful both professionally and personally.

What benefits have you realized from using Fin? The biggest benefit is getting time back. For scheduling, I don’t have to go back and forth between calendars and try to figure out what day could work for people. It saves a half an hour to an hour per day. I also travel extensively for my job, mostly internationally. Fin saves me 5–6 hours of time booking up to 10 different complicated flights per trip.

Plus all these small things here and there — paying bills, making reservations, handling parking tickets — it takes up a lot of free time. I really enjoy that I can rely on Fin to do that, and I can spend time with my girlfriend, go running, or do whatever.

What is your favorite feature or use case? I really love having one interface to deal with stuff — everything from reminders to simple note taking to remembering to check out a certain place. And depending on my needs, the scale is variable; I can scale my requests up or down and never have to move to another app or communication channel.

How would you describe Fin? Fin is seamless and playful. Sometimes you get these really fun tongue-in-cheek answers that are surprising.

Fin is literally my to-do list. I always found it difficult to keep personal tasks on track because I could do them the next day or they weren’t urgent. Fin lets me keep track of everything, and I can always go back in to see if I have actually done it.

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