Testimonial: Chris Cera, ArcWeb Technologies

1 Dec 2017

Chris Cera is the CEO at ArcWeb Technologies and has been a Fin customer since May 2017. Below is an interview with him about how he gets the most out of Fin.

What made you interested in Fin?

At work, I had three levels of support — a full-time chief of staff, who needs to works on more high level tasks; a full-time office manager, who supports the entire office; and and part-time virtual admin, who also has other clients. I had a feeling that I needed to graduate to an in-house fully dedicated admin instead of the VA, but I decided to try Fin first to see how far I could take it without hiring a full-time person with a yearly salary.

What benefits have you realized from using Fin?

Being able to take something straight from my brain into a completed task with Fin is amazing. I can purge it from my brain, but put a pin in it so it still gets done. Fin has also been life changing when it comes to meeting new people. Fin remembers everything about them — things I would have forgotten or misremembered.

What is your favorite feature or use case?

I like that Fin is up and operating at all hours. To me, that means high quality of service. I was working until 4am one morning and was able to go back and forth with Fin. I didn’t feel comfortable asking my part-time VA to do that.

I also really like when Fin engages me. The more Fin nudges me with “tell me this” and “tell me that,” the more I use and get value from Fin.

How would you describe Fin?

I see Fin as a 24/7 virtual admin service, that provides a higher level of service and scale. The app feels like a to-do list or a task manager, which is exactly what I would want a VA messaging app to look like.

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