Testimonial: Chad Little, Phabricator

1 Dec 2017

Testimonial: Chad Little, Fabricator

Chad Little is the VP of Product at Phabricator. Chad has been a Fin customer since May of 2017, using the service mainly for personal use. Here is how he gets the most out of Fin.

What made you interested in Fin?

It fit a need in my life. Maintaining the house, maintaining our lifestyle, maintaining the kids’ schedules, maintaining my work all come to my time, so I needed something to help manage that a little better.

What benefits have you realized from using Fin?

Fin allows me to have more free time, so I can be creative and do my own work. It is so helpful for me to just say “Fin, get a painter to my house” than for me to spend three hours on the phone and look up Yelp reviews.

My work time is more valuable than the cost of Fin, so it’s worth it to take care of the things I don’t necessarily want to do. It makes me feel that I am in multiple places at once.

What is your favorite feature or use case?

I like the immediacy of Fin. If I have something that crosses my mind, I can tell Fin, and I feel like it’s off my plate. This not only ensures I won’t forget to take care of it, but it also alleviates a lot of stress.

For example, one day I was walking with the gardener and noticed the fence was rusting. Instead of going into my mental model of, “Oh, I need to remember to do that sometime this week,” all I had to do was pull out the phone and say, “find someone.”

How would you describe Fin?

Fin is an experience. It is definitely a mixture of people and computers, but it does always feel like there is a human there. I like to joke around with the assistant a little bit, like when I say “You’re the man,” and Fin replies “No, you the man!” I really like these types of interactions.

To see how you can get help managing your time so you can take care of more valuable things, try out Fin today.