24x7 and On-Demand Assistance

Sam Lessin, 20 Dec 2017

“The internet has changed the way we think about a lot of things, like I should be able to shop for anything at any time, or do work on whatever I want, watch whatever I want. I don’t have to conform to somebody else’s schedule. People have this expectation that all services you use, and the things that you want access to, should be available whenever you want them.”  — Kortina

Our world has become 24x7 and on-demand. High quality assistance should be no different.

The challenges with having a traditional assistant in a 24x7, on-demand world

There are 4 major challenges with traditional assistant support in our 24x7, on-demand world. First, no single person can be available at all times. People have lives outside of work, take vacations, and obviously sleep. Some high-powered executives in Hollywood and on Wall Street hire three or more assistants to maintain 24x7 coverage, but this is clearly unreasonable for almost everyone else. It is simply impossible to have support all the time.

Second, even if you don’t need someone on-call all the time, requesting work from a traditional assistant outside of normal business hours can create complicated signaling issues. What channel should you use to communicate a new task? An email might be urgent or imply that the task can wait for Monday. A phone call is incredibly disruptive and might imply an unintended disrespect for personal space and time. Even text messages can be confusing and might imply unnecessary urgency.

Third, traditional assistants can only do one thing at one time, which makes managing priorities difficult. How do you communicate in what order to complete tasks? How do you interrupt a task for a more important one? You could spend a significant amount of time and energy helping an assistant prioritize their to-do list. Plus, they are limited to the number of things they can complete in one day.

Finally, and perhaps most challengingly, when working with a traditional assistant, you have to deal with the natural ebbs and flows of work. Sometimes assistants are massively overburdened, and other times have nothing to do. Employing full-time support then leads to inefficiencies of scale and you paying for something you aren’t using.

This under-occupation is not good for the assistant either. Being on-call results in a lot of waiting around, being unproductive and likely unhappiness. While they might be effectively have “time off,” they are still at work and cannot do something personally useful or fun, in case an urgent task arises.

Fin’s assistant service overcomes these challenges

Fin’s business model, technology, and features all combine to combat these challenges, providing you with 24/7, on-demand support for your 24/7, on-demand world. First, Fin employs an entire team of hard-working, smart individuals, acting on your behalf. Since Fin is not limited to one person working 9–5, you remove personal needs, such as sleep, sick days, or vacation, ensuring you have support at all times.

Second, Fin is always awake and listening, allowing you to make requests whenever they come up. You can fire off a text, voice message, or email at any time of day, removing it from your to-do list and leaving room in your brain for more important things.

Third, because Fin is a team and not one person, your requests can be worked on simultaneously by various Fin assistants. In a world where “everything is urgent,” you don’t have to worry about managing prioritization; everything is completed in a timely manner.

Finally, Fin is also completely on-demand, which means you never pay for an assistant’s waiting or downtime. This allows you to seamlessly scale support up or down based on your workload, but eliminates any need to manage resource planning.

Be successful in your ‘always-on’ world

Fin’s 24/7, on-demand nature allows you to triumph over the 4 main challenges of a traditional assistant — availability, communication of tasks, managing priorities, and scaling. Fin gives you the feeling of having many assistants, at any time of day, working as much (or as little) as you need.