Fin Explorations

Sam Lessin, 9 Nov 2017

Explorations is a series of talks at Fin dedicated to exploring new ideas and promoting intellectual curiosity and cross disciplinary learning.

The series began as an internal ‘lunch and learn’ program, with short talks presented by members of the team over lunch, followed by discussion and q&a. It has expanded to include some awesome presenters from outside the company.

One of the goals of the Explorations series is to fully consider the shades of grey, nuance, and complexity of each idea presented, rather than trying reduce things into a one sided marketing pitch like a TED Talk.

Perhaps one of the best ways to understand motivations of the series is this line from Rumi:

“Trade your cleverness for bewilderment.”

Past Speakers have included:

Paul Tarjan (Stripe). Static Analysis and Dependency Graphs for Ruby.

Aditya Bhargava (Etsy). Building Contracts for Ruby.

Raylene Yung (Stripe). Scaling Humans (in Engineering Organizations).

Levy Klots (Hustle). On React Native.

Tom Occhino (Facebook). Building React and flow.

Geoff Greer (CoreOS). Building ag and Floobits.

Brian Rue (Rollbar). Architecture and Org at Rollbar.

Andrew Kortina (Fin). A Collection of Internet Curiosities.

Sam Lessin (Fin). Prototyping with Excel and the Infinite Grid.