Introducing Fin Feed

Sam & Kortina, 23 Oct 2017

Introducing Fin Feed

For the last several months we have been publishing the ‘Fin Explorer’ email, where we highlight selections of real requests from users. The most frequent question we get from users is “What should I ask Fin to do for me?” and these emails have been highly popular with users, helping people better understand Fin and get more out of the service.

Today we are happy to announce an improved version of this curated set of live requests, which updates in real time and has far more examples. We call it the Fin Feed.

The Feed lets you explore real requests users are making of Fin on an ongoing basis, so you can get ideas from others on how to get the most from Fin.

Soon, upgrades will be coming to the Feed which will make it even more valuable and useful, including allowing you to see a version of the ‘answer’ Fin provided and easily make the same request yourself.

Just like the Explorer, we are selective about what we publish into the Feed & we anonymize people’s names and remove other sensitive information.

We very much hope the feed helps you get more value out of Fin. If you have more questions about the Feed please see our Feed FAQ below.


Fin Feed FAQ

What Is Fin Feed? Fin Feed is a series of requests which we share to users to help you get a better sense of the things people are using Fin for and how they are getting the most out of Fin’s assistance. It is similar to the ‘Fin Explorer’ email which we send out highlighting real usage of Fin periodically.

What gets posted in Fin feed? Our goal is to provide real-time examples that show how people get the most out of Fin, so we generally post requests that best highlight what Fin can do for people like you. Unlike some other Feed products you might be familiar with, It isn’t useful to post all user requests into the Feed because many lack context or are too personal to be useful or interesting to someone else.

Whenever you make a request, a member of our team reviews it to determine if there is any sensitive or personally identifying information it. If there is, they will rewrite the request to remove that information before posting it.

If a request I make is posted in the Feed, who can see it? Right now, only people who use Fin can see your requests in Feed when they are logged in to Fin. In the future, we may share certain Feed items with non-users that highlight good use cases for Fin, just as we do with our Fin Explorer emails today.

Will people know that I made the request? No. We will not include your name when we post one of your requests in Feed. We will also remove anything that might identify you (like your address or phone number) along with any sensitive information (like a credit card number or someone’s date of birth).

What about other people’s names? As a general rule, we also remove other people’s names from your requests. For example if you mention your children’s names in a request, or ask us to invite someone to an event, we will remove their names from the request. But if you mention, for example, that you are going to a Kanye West concert, we might keep his name in the Feed.

What if I am uncomfortable about one of my requests appearing in Feed? Our goal is to preemptively exclude any requests that feel too personal to share. That said, if we post something that makes you uncomfortable, let us know.

If you are not yet a Fin user we encourage you to signup to get started with Fin and start being more focused + getting more done. If you are looking for your next career move, see our open jobs in SF and Phoenix