Psychic mediums, pancake art shows, & GOT themed dinners

Brittni Nowell, 11 Oct 2017

Our Favorite Requests of The Week

"Hi Fin! I’m looking for private chefs in NYC who can put together an adult Game of Thrones themed birthday party. Think you can make it happen?"

→ Fin can reach out to personal chefs and handle the back and forth to make sure the details are on point for your next get together.

"Fin, Can you let me know the value of this laptop I’m donating? I’ll send over the serial number in just a sec."

→ Ask Fin to help find the value of laptops or other electronics you’d like to donate.

"Hi Fin. Can you look into the psychic medium Jeffery Wands and let me know if he seems to be credible? Thanks!"

→ Ask Fin to be your second pair of eyes 👀 next time you’re vetting a psychic medium or any other individual service provider.

"Fin, What's the best organization fighting against gun violence that I can make a donation to?"

→ Ask Fin to research organizations to make sure your donations go where they have the most impact.

Cool Things Fin Learned About

Pancakes & Booze Art Show, appearing in over 30 select venues around the world since 2009, will be touching down in New York and Los Angeles, along with other US cities over the next couple weeks. Each art show features up to 150 local artisans, live music, and all the pancakes you can eat. If you want to know if there’s a show headed your way, ask Fin to find out now.

The Sato Project, an organization focused on rescuing abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico, is currently working to provide support to teams on the ground in Puerto Rico, and transport as many dogs as they can to safety in the coming days and weeks. If you’d like to support their cause, ask Fin to make a donation to their hurricane relief fund on your behalf.