The New Fin App & Knowledge Graph

Kortina & Sam, 18 Aug 2016

People tend to think of Fin as a personal assistant — while that certainly isn’t wrong, we think that facet of Fin fits within our broader goal of providing augmented consciousness. We want to help you remember everything, search your memory, and use the collective knowledge of everyone to find better answers… not just get things done.

Today, we’re directly opening up some powerful new information tools in the Fin app.

Search Your Fin History Search is a first class part of the new app, with its own tab. Use it to pull up information from previous conversations you’ve had with Fin (“sfo ewr”). Find lists that Fin is tracking for you (“french movies”). Or, get information about people you’re meeting (“sam address”) and places you’re going (“buvette”).

A Better Memory ‘Inbox’ When opening Fin to find something, a natural entry point is a concept like “Delfina” rather than a specific snippet of a conversation you’ve had with Fin.

The new release of our app organizes all of your conversations around concepts, and gives you a list of people, places, and things you’ve recently discussed with Fin.


You can tap into each one to find all of the context / source conversations you’ve had with Fin about a specific topic.

What feels particularly magical is that each entry is augmented with all sorts of useful metadata that you would probably never take the time to add yourself: relevant contact information, maps, and other links.

Up Next

We’re really excited about this release. It’s a first glimpse at some of the powerful new ways to find and explore information with Fin that will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Enjoy, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback.