Vote for Hillary

Sam Lessin, 7 Nov 2016

At Fin, we invest in understanding each customer and personalizing their experience, so you get different restaurant recommendations if you are a vegetarian or different search result rankings when you search for “Rob.”

This does not entail that we simply show everyone the thing they most want to see, however. We temper our personalization by challenging customers to consider new perspectives and by offering Fin’s own opinions. We do this, because in our experience, one of the best ways to learn is to have your beliefs challenged by others.

Today, most web-services are limited to just telling people to vote. Siri won’t tell you whom to vote for, neither will Alexa or Google or Facebook M.

But, just as Fin will discourage you from having a second big-mac in one day, or watching hours of reality television… Fin will tell you who it thinks you should vote for, not just that you should vote: you should vote for Hillary.

If for no other reason, you should vote for Hillary to keep an irresponsible and irrational candidate out of a position of great power in which he might jeopardize national security.

We, of course, encourage you to disagree with us (and send us your reasons), rather than blindly accepting recommendations from Fin. We hope that through rational discourse we can together arrive at a better model of understanding the world.

Someday, we hope you will be able to ask Fin about confusing ballot propositions and Fin will have nuanced and strong opinions … but have not yet reached that level of insight, and today we can simply urge you to cast a ballot for Hillary.

(And if you really care, the higher leverage thing to do is probably to fly to Florida, and hit the streets getting people in a swing state out to the ballots. Fin can help you book a ticket.)