Email Fin

Rob Cheung, 28 Jan 2016

Email is a near-universal medium. Everyone has an email address, and it works from desktop, web, and mobile.

Now, Fin has email too. We’ve seen people

  • Copy Fin on email chains
  • Forward event details to Fin
  • Ask Fin to send email on their behalf
  • Start conversations with Fin through Email

To start emailing Fin, use the iOS app to ask for your private Fin email address.

Add Fin to Email Chains, and Fin will stay in the loop, intuit what’s helpful, and take action — like the best Executive Assistant in the world.

TO: Friends + Fin

Where are you thinking we should go for birthday dinner? Fin, any suggestions?

I’ve heard great things about Nopa. They have a table Saturday at 9:30. Book it?


Forward flights, events, and todos, and Fin will remember the relevant details and remind you when needed.

Fwd: Itinerary

Your Flight to San Francisco, CA on Sun, March 06 …

On your calendar. I’ll check in to the flight 24 hours in advance. Aisle seat as usual?


Fin reaches out when you ask


On the Chesapeake?


Yeah, I used to go there in the summers with my roommates.

Haven’t seen them in forever. Can you find a weekend we all have free?

Weekend Away

Brendan, Giac, Stephen -

Rob was reminiscing about summers on the bay. When can we get the gang back together?


Email Fin directly — like a lightweight Fin desktop client (for those days when you’re at your desk for 10 hours) 😉

Meeting Tomorrow

I have a meeting tomorrow with Nicole Lee. Can you send me a summary of what I need to know?

Share your Fin email address with your friends. Fin responds intelligently on your behalf — whether or not they are a Fin user.