A Natural Thought Interface

Kortina, 2 Dec 2015

One of the most frequent things I hear when I’m talking to users about Fin is, “I would love more examples of specific / cool ways to use Fin.”

To that end, Sam and I are going to start sending semi-regular letters about fun ways we are using Fin, things we learn about the product as it evolves, user anecdotes, and, more broadly, all the things that excite us about what we are building.

This is the inaugural edition…

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were eating dinner at the bar of one of our favorite spots in the Lower East Side. I asked the bartender about a song on the radio I was digging, and we got into a long discussion about music. I noted a bunch of recommendations using Fin.

A few days later, I was looking for something to listen to at work, so I asked Fin,


the bartender at Kiki’s gave me some good music recs on Friday — what were they?


Sweetheart of the Rodeo — The Byrds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUh7nJdAzL8

The Last Waltz — The Band: https://play.spotify.com/album/6yOkvVuMQ2dXhdDGbdHqnK

Btw, there’s a Scorsese film of this concert you may enjoy: http://gowatchit.com/movies/the-last-waltz-5451

I like to describe this interface as “natural thought.”

My stream of consciousness when recalling this information was, “what should I listen to right now? that bartender at Kiki’s recommended some stuff… was it a band? an album? some songs?”

When I share my thoughts with Fin, I don’t have to anticipate my stream of consciousness and think about how I want to retrieve information later.

I don’t have to tag or categorize data.

I don’t have to organize things into lists.

And, I don’t have to translate my query into computer-speak when I’m retrieving it.

Fin can access all of my notes by time and location, and it does all the work of adding the relevant structure, tags, and metadata around each note, so that I can retrieve anything I want to remember, exactly as my brain naturally wants to.

Reach out and lmk if you have any similar cool experiences with Fin extending your memory (or if there are things Fin doesn’t do today that you wish it did).