Kortina, 4 Nov 2015

DBNR is a (somewhat old school) abbreviation for “dictated but not read.” It is included at the end of a message when the author dictates the content, but does not proofread before its transmission.

It serves a similar function to signature caveats like “typed on my phone,” but describes how Fin works a bit more accurately. And, it’s cuter 😉

One of the most powerful features of Fin is highly accurate voice-to-text transcription that actually works. In addition to being a quick way to record notes to yourself on the go, like “remind me to pickup laundry on the way home,” it’s also a really efficient way to send notes to friends and colleagues:


can you send Jenny the link to that Kanye interview from Vanity Fair?

Fin doesn’t just transcribe exactly what you record. It intelligently understands your intent, knows your contacts, and drafts the email the way you want it sent, not verbatim:


Your brother thought you would like reading this interview with Kanye from Vanity Fair.



Fin even finds all the relevant links, places, directions, showtimes, etc, so you don’t have to.