Introduction to Fin Analytics Fin Analytics

Introduction to Fin Analytics

Everyone wants to be able to help their team improve the quality and efficiency of their work, and every knoweldge worker wants the insight and coaching to do their best work. Fin Analytics delivers the targeted coaching & analysis that makes the difference.

Understand Process, not just Outcomes

Over the last few years it has become commonplace for high performance teams to use ‘outcome’ oriented measures of quality and efficiency in place – it is commonplace for people use CSAT and NPS for quality, and things like close-rate to understand efficiency.

The problem is that these tools tell you something about your outcomes, but little to nothing about the actual process that lead to the result and how to improve. The outcomes are relatively slow trailing indicators of success – and what teams really need is the data and insights to tell them how to improve their process, and where to coach individuals.

To be able to drive consistent improvement, you need rich process insight in addition to your outcome data. Doing occasional ‘shadowing’ sessions just doesn’t cut it.

Your outcome data might tell you that someone needs to ‘speed up’ or ‘make fewer mistakes’… but without measuring and understanding the process, you can’t tell a person ‘how’ to be faster or higher quality – or know where to improve a given process for everyone.

Fin Analytics Delivers Operations ‘Game Tape’ and Analysis

Professional sports teams make sure to capture ‘game tape’ of all the plays happening on the field, and then using the recorded history of how a game unfolded to coach individual players, as well as look for trends in data to inform how they evolve their strategy.

What Fin Analytics does is effectively generate ‘game tape’ and analytics for operations teams in companies.

The tool records full video of all the operations work that people on the team are completing. It also records a full action log of every scroll-click-page-load, etc. that it takes to complete each task. Rich tools allow teams to ‘discretize’ and tag all the work being done by each person and a deep data set to analyze process overall as well as coach individuals on their performance. Well designed tools and APIs allow you to easily marry the performance data we generate into your workflows for analysis and coaching.

In the simplest deployment of the tool it requires zero process change for operations agents and managers. Simply install the plugin on operations machines, and with zero intervention the tool can generate for you powerful insights into your process and team.

Over time – as you choose to leverage the tool fully – the ‘game tape’ it generates is a powerful coaching tool that helps managers have more impactful 1:1s and helps engineers debug problems in tools and process (as well as understand first-hand the impact of the changes they are making). At a management level the tool can become a primary source of truth on where to what is working vs. needs improvement and where to put resources.

We know that this tool works because we built it to meet our own needs for our on-demand Fin Assistant service. In our own operations work we figured out quickly that one of the biggest advantages we could bring to bear with technology and big data was recording all of our operations team’s work and using the recording to provide better coaching and feedback for individuals and process improvement for the system. It worked – and we were able to drive down the variance between people in their performance as well as target our engineering and process resources.

Learn More & Get Started

Marketers use tools like Google Analytics for deep insights into how customers behave on websites and what to optimize. Engineering teams use products like New Relic to continuously monitor and improve how technical systems are performing. Fin Analytics is the same concept, but for human operations teams.

Our tool can quickly demonstrate real ROI with nearly zero integration cost – and has the sophistication to integrate deeply with our organization’s tools.


Fin Analytics gives your team ‘full funnel’ insights into your team’s work. Continuous live video and action logging you get the insights you need to provide better coaching and training, and the analytics you need to know where to focus process and engineering resources

We are happy to share with you industry specific case studies, and give you a custom walkthrough of the tool, or you can review our