Announcing Vault

Danny, 15 Nov 2016

When you trust Fin with credit cards, frequent flyer logins, service logins, etc, you enable Fin to do more on your behalf.

To provide you with an additional level of comfort and security when you add information that you consider especially sensitive or private, we're releasing Fin Vault.

When you save information in the Vault, we do an extra layer of encryption and logging before members of our operations team can decrypt and use your info.

Because of this functionality, we can now buy things for you using your own credit card rather than our virtual card system - which saves transaction fees for you and makes things like refunds easier for you. And, we can associate purchases and reservations with your existing accounts, so you can track and manage all of your orders as you normally would.

Of course - you can also use the vault to store credentials and other information for your own use. Then use search to quickly call up a frequent flyer number or credit card.