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About Fin

We believe everyone benefits from support. Our mission is to provide efficient and high quality assistance that gives people the freedom to focus on what is most important.

In the future you will have a companion that is tapped into your stream of consciousness. It will help you remember everything. It will help you search your memory and the collective knowledge of everyone to help you find better answers. It will help you get things done. Fin uses a combination of computer and human intelligence to deliver the beginning of that future now.

Here's a video showing some examples of how people use Fin:

Job Description

Operations is at the core of Fin. The team is at the front lines of delivering a world-class, futuristic experience for our users.

At many companies, operations teams support engineering products; at Fin, things are inverted. The engineering team and much of the technology we build is fundamentally about supporting operations.

As an Operations Manager you will lead a group of high-performing agents and help drive our efforts to continuously improve our operations. You will report directly to the Head of Operations and help set strategy and goals for the organization and lead projects to deliver on those goals. Some of the questions you will help answer include:

This is a fast-paced job on a team that is always growing and where our processes are always evolving, and we’re looking for people who are hungry to make a lasting impact on our team.

What You’ll Do

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Here's a video of our co-founder Sam discussing our Operations Team: