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We believe everyone benefits from support. Our mission is to provide efficient and high quality assistance that gives people the freedom to focus on what is most important.

In the future you will have a companion that is tapped into your stream of consciousness. It will help you remember everything. It will help you search your memory and the collective knowledge of everyone to help you find better answers. It will help you get things done. Fin uses a combination of computer and human intelligence to deliver the beginning of that future now.

Here's a video showing some examples of how people use Fin:

About The Job

As an operations agent, you will use powerful tools and technology to deliver a high quality experience to our users.

Our customers rely on Fin to help them with nearly any kind of task. They interact with Fin as if it were their personal chief of staff, available 24/7 and able to work on multiple requests at once.

To create this experience, you must be resourceful, efficient, and adept at using new technologies. Above all, you must care deeply about customer service. You must also work together with the rest of the Ops Team to encode all of your knowledge about the user, the world, and the work you do within our knowledge system.

This knowledge system makes our team superhuman. It functions as a shared memory, allowing you to know everything ever learned by anyone on your team. This shared memory helps create a seamless and consistent experience for our customers, who expect Fin to know everything about them. Our knowledge system also includes powerful tools for automation and quality assurance, enabling you to be far more efficient than an unassisted human. In addition to directly helping customers live better lives, your job is to build Fin’s intelligence by contributing to and curating this knowledge system.

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Here's a video of our co-founder Sam discussing our Operations Team: