Infrastructure Engineer

San Francisco


About Fin

We believe everyone benefits from support. Our mission is to provide efficient and high quality assistance that gives people the freedom to focus on what is most important.

In the future you will have a companion that is tapped into your stream of consciousness. It will help you remember everything. It will help you search your memory and the collective knowledge of everyone to help you find better answers. It will help you get things done. Fin uses a combination of computer and human intelligence to deliver the beginning of that future now.

Here's a video showing some examples of how people use Fin:

Job Description

As an Infrastructure Engineer, you'll work on the systems that keep Fin running smoothly and allow the rest of our engineering team to work efficiently.

You will work in partnership with leadership and a great group of peers. Your job is to understand the needs of the engineering team and the company, and collaborate on prioritization and implementation.

This role is a hybrid between DevOps/SRE and backend engineering, so you should enjoy wearing many hats. Depending on your interests and Fin's current priorities, things you might work on include: developer tooling, configuration management, deploy processes, operations and monitoring, application and network security, CI pipelines, database and application performance, data pipelines & warehousing, application architecture, and even some customer-facing feature work.




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