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What is Workflow?

Workflow is the process of managing tasks and responsibilities in a systematic way. It is considered to be the backbone of any successful business. It’s  an important part of any business because it helps to streamline operations and eliminate wasted time. May also be referred to as Process or Case Type. Task category for the type of work associated with a given interaction. These are typically identified and established during onboarding. For most organizations, these equate to their CRM’s Issue Type or similar categorizations (e.g., Disposition, Reason, etc.) Workflow is a process for organizing and automating the steps in a task that are needed to complete it. Workflows provide an effective way to handle repetitive tasks while also enabling you to document an existing custom process. A workflow can be made up of many tasks, which are represented as individual nodes, connected by arrows showing the flow of information or data between them. The tasks are executed in turn, one after the other, until the workflow completes.

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