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The Fin Operations Bible: Learnings from Operating our On-Demand Human + Machine Assistant Service

In 2015 we started the Fin Exploration Company with the mission to build a human + machine on-demand assistant service. We took on this ‘exploration’ / mission for a series of reasons:

  1. We firmly believe that the future of all knowledge work is human + machine; not pure AI — and a lot of questions exist about how to do effective / practical hybrid intelligence systems – where machines give people leverage on speed and efficiency (vs. trying to replace people)

  2. Assistant work is a great place to focus to learn lessons that apply broadly to knowledge work. Assistant work is broad, timely, follows templates but can be deeply customized, etc.

  3. We also believe that assistance itself will certainly become a service… Great assistance is the ultimate leverage on professional and personal time, but having a great dedicated assistant is both cost prohibitive and overall labor-inefficient (since in order to be available assistant time is frequently under-utilized)

In the coming weeks we will be building out here a list of short posts capturing some of what we have learned in operating the Fin Assistant service (some of which will carry over into our Analytics business in the short term, and some of which will not)

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Fin Analytics gives your team ‘full funnel’ insights into your team’s work. Continuous live video and action logging you get the insights you need to provide better coaching and training, and the analytics you need to know where to focus process and engineering resources

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