The Best Way to Reach Anyone

A collaborative address book that helps you find the best contact information and get introductions.

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The Best Way to Reach Anyone

A collaborative address book that helps you find the best contact information and get introductions.

Need to talk to ____ in the next 20 min?

A great executive assistant can find the best way to reach anyone you want whenever you need to. Fin can do the same thing for you.

Find Anyone’s Email and Phone

Never ask a friend for an email or phone number again. You can search our contacts graph by name, company, or domain. Text, call, or email anyone.

Get Introductions & Learn More About People

Ask for introductions from mutual connections. See collaborative notes about people. Fin Contacts functions as a personal CRM.

Get Personalized Results

Fin integrates your contacts, calendar, and mail to Fin's collective knowledge graph. This helps us tailor our search for you and figure out the best way to connect you to any other person in the system.

Always Improving

Fin's contacts graph updates itself as the community contributes to it. It adds new people, fills in the blanks, and suggests the best way to contact someone.


Fin uses a combination of machine and human review to ensure that the messages sent by the community are high quality. This protects our users and those contacted through our system.

Built on the Fin OS

The Fin OS uses a combination of computer and human intelligence with shared data to develop a deep understanding of you. It connects you to the right information and can act on your behalf.

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How is Fin Contacts personalized for me?

When you use Fin Contacts you connect your email, calendar, and contacts to Fin’s collective knowledge graph. This allows Fin to personalize results for you. The contacts graph updates itself as the community contributes to it adding new people, filling in the latest and most accurate information.

How do I get introductions?

In general, you are much more likely to be able to engage someone you don’t know on a question you have, or for help with something if the introduction comes from the right person. When you want an introduction to someone simply ‘ask for an intro’. Fin generates an email thread where you can give context and then routes it to the mutual connections most likely to be helpful.

What does it mean to ‘trust’ someone?

Trusting someone on Fin is a way for you to express trust in a close friend. If you ‘trust’ someone we will let them know that you have ‘trusted’ them to see your relationships to other people on Fin. So, when they look up someone you know, it will let them know that you are connected to that person.

What does it mean that Fin is a knowledge collective?

It means that all the users collectively contribute the knowledge that makes Fin useful. By contributing knowledge yourself you get access to the knowledge of others.

How does AAI moderation work?

We care a lot about the health and quality of the Fin ecosystem. When you reach out to someone over email or text we can proxy the communication and review what you are sending. When we review things, we use a combination of machine and human intelligence (AAI - artificial, artificial intelligence).

I already use Fin, should I sign up for Fin Contacts?

No. Fin Contacts offers a strict subset of the functionality of the Fin app (which is effectively a command line interface to Fin’s AAI + Knowledge Collective). If you are a Fin user you can use the Fin app to get access to all the same functionality as Fin Contacts users.

What does the app cost?

Access to Fin Contacts is $25 / month.

Can I use Fin Contacts in Europe?

Sadly it is against our terms of service to use Fin Contacts in Europe.

Can I use Fin Contacts on Android?

Someday, but not today. We will get to building an Android version in time, but since we are still iterating we are on iOS only.

When will Fin Contacts be out of Beta?

Not for a long time. Fin Contacts is the first vertical application built on top of the Fin OS. We will be evolving it quickly with improvements and new functionality. We will be under the ‘beta’ heading for quite some time as we evolve the service.