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How Fin helped Verse

"Fin enables our teams to work more productively, saving us countless hours by surfacing opportunities to improve efficiency across our organization. Fin helps us continuously iterate on our user experience and empower our people as we scale."

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Challenge is a distributed workforce that leverages humans and AI to convert better leads, faster. Understanding what's working, what’s not, and overall system health are critical to their success as a team.

Fin Solution

Verse Fin provides Verse with screen recording for troubleshooting and employee coaching. Video also helps Verse with bug reporting, capturing bugs as they happen. Fin illuminates any network issues and financial impact from these bugs. This helps Verse make smarter decisions, faster.


Verse saves countless hours and is empowered to continuously iterate on their systems and processes in a way that positively impacts their bottom line.

How Go2 Built a Remote Culture of Trust and Transparency with Fin

"One of our easiest solves ever was discovering that copy/pasting a company logo into email signatures on Zendesk was wasting nearly 20% of team utilization for a client."


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Go2 wanted a software-agnostic way of measuring everything going on across their rapidly growing company. Trying to pull in all the APIs, CRMs, Slack etc. became too complex and they wanted visibility on the whole machine across their remote workforce.

Fin Solution

Fin is a universal solution that adapts as Go2 grows and their tools change. They leverage Fin video clips to create highlight reels of team learnings and replicate top performers. They leverage utilization and productivity dashboards to provide real-time insights associated with their OKRs. Fin provides the granular details that give Go2 a better picture of their people across the world working together.


As Scott says, “my job is to earn our margin, not protect it. Our performance is high. We’re raising salaries and raising the bar, and Fin's one of the tools that we use to help do that. It's awesome —helping to create a level playing field for our staff, and helping them grow from inside the companies we work with. My data is also accessible to the whole organization. People can see where I’m spending my time. I’m using our Fin data to show the entire company what we should be doing.”

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