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See how your team works across thousands of SaaS applications

Our turnkey browser plugin reveals all the ways that agents work across any number of applications like Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and more to unlock insights that allow customer operations teams to deliver seamless customer experiences. Built a homegrown CRM? Not a problem, Fin uses DOM fingerprinting to collect data from any application, even if there’s no API.

Why Fin?

Process Improvement

Granular and rich data capture, down to user interactions and the specific customer context that drive better CX outcomes.

No integration needed

Fin uses a lightweight browser plugin for seamless data capture and provides insights right out of the box.

Cross-application visibility

No development or maintenance resources needed for insights that show you actual time spent end-to-end on specific cases or tickets, including distractions and time outside of expected applications

Improve Standard Operating Procedures

Optimize team workflows and improve coaching, enabling CX and operations teams to achieve more with less.