November 12, 2021
Alexandra Wyllie

Work Insights You Need To Know For Managing A Remote CX Team

The future of work is not holograms and robots, but more flexibility on how and where people are working. When asked, 'would you like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of your career?’ 98% of the respondents said yes

Now that CX teams are remote and dispersed, CX leaders are more reliant on tech to keep their teams on task and productive than ever. Today we look at what insights you need to know to support your CX team remotely, allowing for more flexibility for your CX team, while offering the same high-quality experience for your customers, no matter where they are. 

Are you identifying and replicating top talent? 

As many CX leaders know, good customer experience team members can be hard to come by, and at times, hard to keep. Top talent in your team looks different for every team, depending on where your company's priorities lie. Your focus could be on the number of tickets completed in a day, the average handle time (AHT), or positive feedback from customers. It’s likely a mixture of all. Setting an achievable benchmark for what you expect from your team is a great way to motivate your CX team. It’s equally important to recognize and reward top performers within your team. 

It would also be largely beneficial to replicate steps taken by your top performers and use their steps to coach other team members who need more support. Replicating top talent is about updating the SOPs for your CX team to mirror what has already been proven to work. 

What does a productive team look like for your company? 

Employee productivity is measurable if you have the know-how. In our blog post How and Why You Should Analyze Employee Productivity, we go into more detail on exactly how you can measure employee productivity. Employee productivity is a key metric of knowing how to improve remote working for you and your CX team and whether it’s sustainable for the future. If your team's average handle time (AHT) has risen, that is a clear warning that remote-first might not be working for some of your team members. However, tracking workflows allows you to recognize not just when productivity could be improved but how. Updated software or hardware may be needed, or more coaching for team members. Eliminate doubt and find the root cause before making decisions.

Are tech problems and internet speeds holding you back? 

Now that your CX team is dispersed, they are relying on their own internet and in some cases, hardware. Slow internet connection or out-of-date hardware and software can slow your CX team down, affecting productivity. Where possible, track load speeds. Having insights on hardware and software issues allows you to make informed decisions about upgrading any tech or software that might be at fault or supporting CX team members. 

Are you using the right software to collect work insights? 

You know you have a workflow visibility problem, but what can you do about it? Some companies either manually pull reports, conduct time and motion studies, or build homegrown solutions to stitch together data. These solutions are both costly and time-consuming. Eventually, you’re going to spend more time trying to track CX team productivity rather than helping your customers. Not only that, but these solutions are incomplete, often missing data from important applications that were overlooked, while lacking insight into best practices. Fin is a work insights platform that is built differently. 

Fin is a turnkey solution that can identify your top talent, produce coaching videos showing your top talent's exact steps, improve productivity, and track load times. It’s your all-in-one platform for deep-dive work insights. 

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