February 17, 2022

Work From Home Performance Optimization Tools

Work From Home Performance Optimization Tools

As leaders look to optimize in the remote work environment, process analytics are crucial for uncovering trends and identifying how best to prioritize team efforts. With the shift to remote work, CX and Operations leaders have been faced with a few key challenges:

Security and Fraud. Teams need to deal with the security and compliance implications of remote work.

Connectivity Speeds. System bandwidth and network speeds are way slower for some workers than others.

Personalized Coaching. Managers can’t effectively shadow and QA customer issues or process errors.

Feedback and Issues. Product bugs, tool errors, and process inefficiencies are harder to flag and address.

Remote Utilization. Contact rates are spiking and teams need help driving up capacity and efficiency.

With Fin, teams can more seamlessly adapt to this ‘new normal’ without any unnecessary disruptions to their people, process, and tools:

Real-time Process and Utilization Analytics. See where your remote team’s time and effort is going by ticket type, and make real-time decisions about how to change process and training to optimize capacity.

System Speed and Network Performance Monitoring. Get insight into which team members are experiencing slow connection speeds, and which suppliers or ISPs are not delivering on promised bandwidth and SLAs.

Cloud-Based Coaching and Targeted QA tools. Fin’s QA prioritization surfaces remote performance outliers, so teams can QA video sessions that present the highest leverage opportunities and debug the root cause of issues.

Turnkey Remote Security and Fraud Detection. Automatically flag process anomalies or suspicious team behavior so leaders can review the full desktop video and call audio of high-risk interactions to ensure security and compliance.   

In-Context and Frictionless Feedback Engine. Live work annotations give team members the ability to send feedback, questions, and bug reports across your organization without disrupting their current workflows.

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