January 12, 2022

Why Mid-Level Enterprises Should Use Process Mining Software

Business process improvements are key for any company, no matter the size and resources.

For many enterprises, they imagine a simple step-by-step process that involves no repeats or deviation. This is very unlikely and it’s this misalignment of ideas from reality that causes businesses so many issues. Process mining is the visualization of how a company actually performs key processes throughout the day. The data about the process is taken from  IT systems, rather than the remembered or assumed data of people. As it’s more accurate, it gives a clear picture of the business process, including deviations and outdated processes. However, for many small and mid-level enterprises, process mining feels out-of-reach. They might assume that data mining software is expensive, difficult to use and implement and therefore not worth their time or investment. Because of this, processes are not running as smoothly as they should and updates are being badly implemented and RIO’s are unproven. 

As more employees begin working from home, it’s crucial to have a good process improvement plan in place. No matter what size of company you have, Fin is flexible enough to work for everyone.

How Fin can help mid-level companies make process improvements

Fin is a work insights platform that enables managers and employees to understand their business processes on a deeper level. Using AI and video recording, Fin offers insights into workflow and process, enabling improvements to be made based on data, not feeling. Fin is used by some of the fastest-growing CX teams in the world, but Fin can be used by any size of organization, meaning smaller businesses can get the power of large enterprise analytics, without the large enterprise prices and complicated IT implementation.

1. Fin is easy to install and easy to run for end-to-end insights

Often, for small to mid-level companies, the idea of IT implementations are a major turn off. They require recourses - time, money, people - smaller organizations do not have and can take months or even years to see the difference within your business processes. Fin is a lightweight browser plugin, meaning it is easy to install and turn on. Configurations can be done with no code, so no development or maintenance resources are needed for insights. Fin also offers insights right away. Built from expertise on what actually works across multiple companies, it enables process efficiency, agent utilization, and process mapping diagrams right out of the box so process improvements can be made from day one.

2. Fin’s dashboards enable key insights to specific metrics of your choice

Fin can be tailored to work for you, meaning you get the information you need quickly. Fin dashboard was designed to be easily understood and used, allowing you to focus on the area of analytics you care about most and that will make the biggest difference to your business processes.  

View an overview of your analytics, on focus on process or people to really understand what is happening in your business. 

3. Fin offers ROI proof and data, meaning teams can democratize the ability to execute

When teams and leaders make changes to the business process, without baselines and benchmarks, it becomes hard to prove the change was worth it, or if it worked at all. For example, a CX leader may have taken the time to reduce document numbers, so all information that their CX agents will need can be found in one place. This reduced the average handling time (AHT) which is great for both company and consumers. However, because they did not have a metric for how long the AHT was before the improvement, it is impossible to prove that any improvements were made. Fin solves this issue by enabling companies to track metrics, such as AHT, both before and after changes are made. This data enables teams to democratize the ability to problem solve and execute. 

4. Price will be no problem; Fin starts from just 20$ per user

Intuitive process mining software can feel out of reach for many mid-Level enterprises due to a number of factors, especially price. Fin is different. The core of Fin’s platform includes all standard features related to case session analysis starts from just 20$ per user per month. We also have reserved seat pricing; the more seats you reserve, the bigger the savings. Reserved seats can be used by anyone in your organization, so it doesn’t matter if specific user identities change from month to month.

5. Process improvements are key for CX success

Improving your business process can lead to happier customers and employees. However, improving the process is impossible without a clear understanding of what your current process actually is. Process mining allows you to see what your agents are doing on a daily basis, and that’s exactly what Fin offers. With an accurate view of your agent’s workflow, you can create achievable KPI’s and benchmarks for improvement. If you’d like to know more about productivity benchmarks, read our 2021 Customer Operations Benchmark Report for insights of millions of hours of data on how frontline workers and operations teams work across thousands of applications, as captured by Fin’s Work Insights Platform.

6. Fin Experiments allows for testing before process improvements are implemented company-wide

Fin Experiments is a new feature to Fin, which enables users to test out process changes before implementing said changes across the whole company. Fin Experiments is not just a first for Fin, but a first in the market. Without having to disrupt the current business process, leaders can test strategies to improve AHT, user experience and new software. Because Fin Experiments uses Fin’s insights from your workflow, the data is relevant and tailored to your company.

How Fin does It

Fin uses AI and video recording software to create a clear picture of what your agents do on a daily basis. Because Fin runs as a chrome extension it can be rolled out quickly and easily across your entire organization and it enables end-to-end insights across all actions that take place within the browser. End-to-end is key when it comes to process mining, as that is what makes it objective and complete. With this information, Fin can identify a process to improve,  improve resource usage, and improve process flow. If you would like more information about why process mining is the key to high productivity and how Fin can help, read our latest blog post to know more. 

If you want to know more about how Fin can help your small or mid-level business, contact us to schedule a free demo today.

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