March 4, 2022

What is Agent Activity Monitoring: Benefits and Tools

Agent activity monitoring is a must for remote-first companies but understanding how it works is crucial

The global COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move toward a remote-first approach to working for many businesses, and so also accelerated the need for practices such as agent activity monitoring. The idea of implementing activity monitoring software can be a daunting task, however having a clear understanding of what activity monitoring actually is, how it benefits both business and employees, and the best practices and tools can make the move into under activity monitoring as simple as installing and using any other application.

What is Agent Activity Monitoring?

Agent activity monitoring is the process of monitoring activity and tracking agents’ behavior on devices, networks, and other company-owned IT resources. Activity monitoring is used in many sectors, including retail and financial institutions, and can help with managing BPO costs, planning CX team capacity, and optimizing tech stacks. Activity monitoring can be used by any size of business, from large enterprises to mid-sized companies looking to improve their business processes. The range of monitoring utilized depends on the objectives of the company.

Agent activity monitoring goes beyond monitoring network activity. It can monitor all types of activity, including all systems, data, networks, and applications that agent take. This includes their web browsing activity, or if they are following security compliance processes, and more.

How it Works and Benefits

Activity monitoring software is installed on a agent's browser and begins monitoring their activity through a form of process mining. In most cases, a company will decide what metrics it wants to track and gather the information into groups for more informed decision-making. 

There are various ways to monitor and manage agent activity, for example: 

  • Recordings of agents’ ticket sessions, either video or screenshots 
  • Log collection and analysis
  • Inspection of network packet 
  • Logging employee keystrokes 
  • Investigating the behavior of a running program (kernel monitoring)

All information gathered must fall within the boundaries of company policy and your company should take every percussion they can to keep employee and customer information safe and secure.  In most cases, activity monitoring software is designed with the highest security.

The Benefits Of Agent Activity Monitoring

Agent activity monitoring is not just about ensuring employees are working. There are so many benefits for companies and employees from improved business processes to optimizing technology and software. Because activity monitoring is end-to-end, nothing is missed and everything is measurable and so, capable of being corrected or set right. 

Some examples of activity monitoring benefits include: 

  • Improved business process: Recognize steps in the business process that might be slowing you down or causing bottlenecks within your workflow, enabling you to make changes quickly and effectively without spending time or money you didn’t have to. 
  • More productive and effective teams: As you begin to work out the kink in your business process, employee training can also be updated to reflect these. Use the video recordings and screenshots taken from activity monitoring to develop your training. 
  • Increased security: Ensure security compliance when handling sensitive information and data by monitoring how your employees handle the data. 
  • Manage BPO costs: Rest assured that you are optimizing business processes and costs with hard data on agent performance and insights to improve. 
  • Demonstrate ROI: Definitively show the impact of new applications and equipment. 
  • Optimize Your Technology Stack: Better enable agents using powerful data and insights on how applications and hardware impact their work, allowing you to perfect your technology stack and prove ROI. 

Best Activity Monitoring Tools for 2022

Fin’s Work Insights Platform enables you to make process improvements with powerful methods of viewing how work is performed across thousands of instances, making it a powerful agent activity monitoring tool for 2022. Fin is a chrome extension, so roll out across your entire organization is quick and easy, and it enables end-to-end insights across all actions that take place within the browser.

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