May 16, 2022

Time and Motion Studies are Dead: Why You Need To Make Data-Backed Decisions

With work insights, you can make decisions with provable ROI for real change in your CX and operations team

What is a time and motion study? 

Why is a time and motion study no longer the right choice for work insights? 

Time and Motion Studies (or Work Measurement) put simply, is the observation of work, in order to quantify that work. The goal of this practice was to improve efficiency by reducing waste.

The birth of the Time and Motion study dates back to the late 1800s as a way for factories to make sure they had enough workers on hand for each different task they needed to complete while not having too many workers on hand either. Think about it this way: if you have 30 people making 1000 widgets in an hour, how many people do you need when production increases from 1000 widgets per hour to 1500 widgets per hour?

In the 1800s when this study was popularized, it made sense because there weren’t other options for data collection like we have today. However, now that there are other options available it’s time we killed off this antiquated method of data collection. 

The problem with your data 

The problem with data is that it's only as good as the questions you ask.

Let's say you want to inject some science into your business and start collecting data to inform your decisions. You buy a software package, pop open a spreadsheet, set up a few formulas, and prepare yourself for an onslaught of insights. You're ready.

But when the data comes in, two things happen:

  1. You get so much of it that it's difficult to make any sense of what you're seeing
  2.  The most interesting bits don't make any sense—they seem totally disconnected from the work you're doing.

It's time to use real data to make decisions about your business

In business, there’s a good chance you’re making at least some of your decisions about that business based on intuition—which is to say, you’ve got a gut feeling about what to do next. Maybe it tells you there is too much documentation within your knowledge base. Maybe it tells you there aren’t enough. Maybe it tells you this product is going to sell like hotcakes and that one isn’t—and maybe it also tells you all of those things at once.

Did you know that a study has shown that data-backed decision-making has the power to increase your business profits by as much as 6%? Data is important in decision-making because it's real results, not just hearsay or hope. With so many options available for obtaining and analyzing data, anyone can make their decisions based on concrete facts instead of guesswork. The right tools will let you collect data, analyze it, and bring everyone together on the same page.

How Fin does data differently

Fin Work Insights Platform delivers a clear view of your team’s everyday interactions—surfacing behaviors that impede success and helping you shift performance into fifth gear. Fin’s key element is that it eliminates the guesswork and gut feelings that might be slowing down your teams. Unlike a time and motion study, Fin shows you exactly how your CX and operations teams work across the many SaaS applications they use, where they might deviate from business process, and where improvements can be made. 

However, not all gut feelings are wrong. That’s where Fin’s Experiments Product comes in. For many manages and leaders who have been in the job a long time, it can be hard to explain why they know a change will work; they just do. Experiments allows manages to test out their theory before deploying ti across the company, saving both time and money, as well being able to back up their claims with provable RIOs. With Experiments, operations teams define a hypothesis they want to test, select a group to include in the Experiment and specify a duration. Based on the parameters of the Experiment, Fin generates a customized dashboard comparing the impact of that Experiment as compared to the status quo.

A time and motion study once had a place in business, but these days, to stay ahead of the competition, you need to back your decisions with data. Get in touch with our tea today, or book a free demo to see how Fin can help you gain a competitive edge. 

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