February 7, 2022

The Top Myths and Misconceptions About Activity Monitoring Debunked

Activity monitoring is ensuring high productivity and security for many CX teams, so what is stopping you from using activity monitoring?

Due to the acceleration of remote and hybrid working, as well as the increasing need for outstanding customer service, activity monitoring has become a critical factor in many business processes. Activity monitoring allows companies to monitor and track end-user behaviour on devices, networks, and other company-owned IT resources. Activity tracking is part of the data mining process, which allows companies to ensure KPI’s are being met, improve processes throughout the operations team workflow and manage the productivity of their remote workers, including guaranteeing the security of their customers data, and the health of their CX agents. 

As a key factor of a company's success, it’s crucial that you and your CX agents understand what activity monitoring is and what it is not before rolling it out across your organization. Myths and misconceptions about activity monitoring can lead to distrust from agents and misunderstandings for CX leaders. Today we debunk the top myths of activity monitoring to give you a better understanding of what activity track can do for you and your CX team.

Myth: Activity monitoring is hard to set up and expensive to run. 

The first and biggest hurdle for many organizations looking to employ activity monitoring is implementation and price. It’s assumed that a large scale roll-out of tech such as activity monitoring software will be complicated and expensive. Then, the upkeep costs of the software itself; only getting more costly as your company grows and expands in the future. 

Reality: As activity monitoring becomes a mainstream of business process improvements, the software is becoming more readily available and easier to use. Fin’s work insights platform is a chrome extension, which allows for easy installation throughout your organization. It begins working right out of the box, enabling key insights to be taken straight away. Pricing starts from just 20$ per user per month and can be tailored to the needs of your team. With on-demand and reserved seat pricing, there is an option for everyone at any size of company. 

Myth: Activity monitoring only benefits management 

For some CX agents, activity monitoring can feel like it only benefits management and disadvantages them. With doubts about their own privacy and questions as to why activity monitoring is needed. Activity monitoring must be introduced in a transparent and fair way if it is to benefit both management and agents and be successful. 

Reality: Activity monitoring and productivity management can alert CX leaders to potential burnout within their team, which if enacted upon, can lead to better mental health throughout the company. If productivity levels are low, activity monitoring can identify the source of the bottleneck and improve knowledge bases and best practices. If productivity is high but outcomes are falling short of expectations, CX leaders can take on more staff, instead of piling more work onto their already stretched team. Activity monitoring has so many benefits for CX team members, but it’s crucial to voice these benefits when introducing activity tracking.

Myth: Understanding real word application of  insights is complicated 

Activity monitoring is one stop in the data mining process, however many CX leaders don’t underrate the real-world application of insights taken from activity monitoring. When tracking agent activity, leaders are looking for actionable insights into the current workflow, not endless amounts of useless data. That’s why choosing the right activity monitoring is so important. 

Reality: Great activity monitoring software should make it easy to understand where improvements can be made within the current business process. Fin creates a personalised dashboard, with powerful methods of viewing how work is performed across thousands of instances. Fin’s newest update, Experiments, also enables you to test out business process improvements, such as implementing new software or changing a knowledge base, without affecting the whole company. Now you and your CX team can make data-based process improvements with little to no risk and provable ROI’s that increases customer experience. 

Myth: Sensitive data is at risk when using activity monitoring software 

Many CX teams handle sensitive data on a daily basis; from customers information to payment data. Bad security has the potential for millions of dollars in expenses, but also reputational damage, generating negative publicity that drives away customers and hurts revenues. Processes have been put in place to ensure the security of this data and the worry is that activity monitoring software may put this information at risk. In fact, the opposite is true. 

Reality: By using activity monitoring software, companies can ensure that their CX agents are following the correct procedures when handling sensitive information. They will also be alerted to any ‘holes’ in their processes that may risk private data being shared outwith the company. 

When storing video recordings, Fin stores the audio and video recordings you share with us on AWS S3. When stored on disk they are encrypted using industry-standard AES-256 encryption. When they are in transit, (such as when you upload or playback a recording), we transmit your data over HTTPS using certificates from valid public CAs. This way, we can ensure the privacy of your CX agents and your customers, leaving you little doubt of your data being at risk. 

Activity monitoring ensures the future of many companies, if you have any more questions, get in touch with Fin’s team today or book a free demo to see why you’re better with Fin.

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