September 9, 2021
Savannah Peterson

TechCrunch: Names Evan Cummack as CEO, Raises $20M

Today Finfolk are excited to announce our latest funding, a $20M Series A round led by Coatue. Christine Hall at TechCrunch comprehensively covered the raise, which helps Fin scale our leading work insights platform. She interviewed Evan to understand what this capital means, and how our business process management, workflow management, and CX insights engage and empower teams across organizations. 

“Fin’s software measures productivity and provides insights on ways managers can optimize processes, coach their employees and see how teams are actually using technology to get their work done. At the same time, employees are able to manage their workflow and highlight areas where there may be bottlenecks. All combined, it leads to better operations and customer experiences,” Cummack shared.

Arielle Zuckerberg, a partner at Coatue shares the team’s excitement. “Service teams were forced to go remote overnight, and companies had little to no visibility into what people were doing working from home,” she contributed. “In this remote environment, we thought that Fin’s product was incredibly well-suited to address the challenges of managing a growing remote support team, and that over time, their unique data set of how people use various apps and tools to complete tasks can help business leaders improve the future of work for their team members. We believe that contact center agents going remote was inevitable even before COVID, but COVID was a huge accelerant and created a compelling ‘why now’ moment for Fin’s solution.”

We couldn’t be more excited about the future.With leadership in place, this funding will help us scale our sales, marketing and engineering teams. You can read the full TechCrunch article here

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