February 24, 2022

How Fin Analytics Makes Life Easier for Operations Managers

How Fin Analytics Makes Life Easier for Operations Managers

The job of an operations / QA manager is to review the work of the company’s front-line operators, offer corrections and coaching, and make process improvements where opportunities exist. However, you can only correct what you can observe, and a lot of times, managers are limited by a lack of data and a constraint on their time (it’s impossible to shadow every worker every hour of the day!) This is especially true as teams grow and scale. 

By providing continuous screen recording and real-time data, Fin Analytics enables managers to observe and analyze more effectively their entire team. 

Growing Pains of Operations Teams

In an ideal world, managers would be able to shadow everyone, get a good enough sampling from what they can see, and implement process improvements across the team. But the reality is, shadowing can only provide a small piece of the full picture that is your team’s comprehensive processes, and often fails to tell the whole story of the customer-agent interaction. 
Additionally, managers can easily spend huge amounts of time assessing the work of their employees in order to understand how to coach each individual. It isn’t always obvious where each employee needs to focus in order to improve, and the lack of visibility into what an agent handles on a day-to-day basis can lead to tension, especially when a customer interaction goes south...either the agent forgets what happened after some time has passed, or perhaps the negative outcome was due to a tool failure or some other unseen force outside of the agent’s control. 

The Solution: Fin Analytics

Fin provides the answers for many common pain points that Ops managers experience.

  1. Log and review 100% of Agent Work. Rather than relying on side-by-side shadowing to observe agents’ workflows, Fin allows managers to review an agent’s work day in its entirety or in segments (and do so at 5x speed!) through continuous screen recording. By allowing managers to see every piece of work completed, Fin covers what was previously missed by the limitations of in-person shadowing. It also opens up opportunities to see how a company’s remote workers operate as well, not just those in a local office!
  1. Save time and know where to focus. Fin provides insights and heuristics to guide managers’ and supervisors’ time, freeing them to focus on the sessions where there's likely the highest concentration of opportunities for improvement. Fin can flag outliers to the team’s expectations / goals (i.e. if a task took significantly longer than the team average for that same task), so that managers can focus their time more efficiently during QA review and 1-on-1s. 
  1. See the entire customer-agent interaction. Managers can typically review customer interactions by seeing the input (the customer’s request), and the output (the agent’s response or any completed work), but most often, the actual processes and work undergone by the agent is not captured. Fin breaches the gap between the input and output that managers already see. Managers and agents can now see exactly what happened during any given session, and identify together what could have been improved. Having all the information is freeing to both managers and agents, getting everyone on the same page. (This was a huge win for us personally, with our operations team at Fin!)

Make life easier.

Fin is easy to install (a simple Chrome plugin that works over the top of your existing systems), and free to get started. If you have an operations team that can benefit from the analysis and continuous ‘game tape’ offered by Fin Analytics, drop us a line!  We’d love to connect and start you on a free trial.

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