January 25, 2022

Key CX Performance Benchmarks: Using Data to Transform Agent Actions into Operational ROI

Join Fin as we explore how to systematically understand and improve every agent’s work across your organization

As we move into the experiential economy, the job of CX agents has become more important than ever. Now two-thirds of companies compete based on customer experience rather than product, investing in your CX team can double your revenue in 36 months while failing to do so, can cost you big. However, with the ever-increasing use of SaaS applications and rising standards, the job of a CX agent is becoming ever more complex. Customers want timely, personalized experiences that the COVID-19 pandemic complicated matters further, as thousands of CX agents moved away from their offices and began working remotely. This however was only an acceleration of an already growing trend of remote and hybrid working. The future of work is likely more freedom, however, companies need to ensure that productivity levels are not dropping, or KPI’s are being met, no matter where their CX agents are working. 

Businesses are currently lacking the data insights needed for meaningful changes to their workflows and business processes. Many companies work from an ideal business process, rather than a realistic one. They bank on there being no, or very few issues, agents working to optimum performance every day and average handling times (AHT) based on feeling, not fact. In the long term, this disconnect between the imagined business process and the actual process of agents will begin to affect customer satisfaction. 

Fin’s data insights enable companies to make meaningful changes to CX team workflows, improving productivity, closing knowledge gaps and raising customer experience.  

Fin’s insights help to improve every agent’s work across your organization

Fin’s industry-first insights are based on tens of millions of hours of real-time data, taken from some of the fastest-growing CX teams in the world. Because the data is taken from the workflows of CX agents, they represent the actual business process, rather than the imagined one. These insights allow companies to create benchmarks for improved training, processes, technology, and automation, leading to a higher level of customer experience. 

Join Fin’s CEO Evan Cummack and VP Marketing Charlene Wang as they explore how to systematically understand and improve every agent’s work across your organization. This interactive session will answer questions such as, how can leaders measure the impact and ROI of new technologies on their core KPIs? What does the data say about best practices to accelerate training, development, and quality assurance? You’ll leave the session feeling prepared to lead your team into the future, unafraid of whatever the world throws at you next.
The workshop will take place on Feb 28th, at the Execs In The Know Customer Response Summit. To find out more, check out the CRS event page here.

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