January 20, 2022

How to Simplify Hybrid and Remote Workplace Management

Optimize your remote CX team for higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction

Agent optimization 

Taking steps to optimize your CX teams enables higher productivity and improves business processes throughout your organization. Tracking goals and benchmarks, connecting work habits to productivity trends and understanding how your agents work on a daily basis allows for meaningful improvements to be made that will positively affect customer and agent satisfaction. 

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Optimize for a more productive team

Managing a productive team will look slightly different for every CX team, however, the first step is always understanding how your team currently works. Workflow bottlenecks, outdated knowledge bases or slow tech and software can lead CX teams to work more but achieve less. As a CX leader, it’s vital to understand what might be slowing down your team and have the tools to manage it. In our blog post, Why Productivity Monitoring Is Not Enough if Your Goal Is to ​Optimize Productivity we go into more detail about the steps CX leaders can help their team to achieve more output from an hour of work by managing their productivity. 

Understand work trends and patterns

Trends and patterns may look different for every CX team. Trends and patterns are drops and rises in productivity and other benchmarks that happen on a weekly or daily basis. You might notice a slow down in productivity on Friday afternoons as everyone wraps up for the weekends, for example. You might notice a boost in productivity after a team meeting, where everyone feels more motivated. If you can visualize trends and patterns, you can begin to understand how your team works best and make adjustments to workflow to help your CX team. 

Improve coaching and replicating top talent

Your training and coaching material should always be updated to reflect the best of your team. Replicating top talent is about setting benchmarks for other team members based on your highest-ranking team members in whichever WORD you want to replicate. This could be a lower averaging handling time (AHT) or higher customers feedback. When you can visualise and understand how your top talent works on a daily basis, you can highlight what they are doing right and replicate that in your coaching of other agents, creating a more productive team overall.

Employee productivity monitoring

While CX leaders may have felt they knew what their agents were doing while they were in the same office, working remotely or having a hybrid workplace has not changed leader insights that much. When work is happening on a computer or phone, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of agent activity, without standing over their agent's shoulders. Companies want to be confident that company time is being used well and all security and compliance policies are being implemented. This is especially important as we head into a remote-first workplace, as companies need to be confident that their remote agents are still following current processes. 

Understand the real-world time of tasks and activities

Even for seasoned CX teams and leaders, relying on gut feelings for business processes is going to cause a disconnect between the process on paper and process in the real world. Time tracking enables insights into when employees begin and end for the day, without having to manually clock in and clock out. Visibility into time spent on tasks allows companies to update business processes based on real workflows of their agents, instead of guesswork. 

Improve security and PCI compliance

Did you know that 15% of call centre interactions could be leaking sensitive customers data? Safeguarding customer information should always be a high priority for every company. Not only does it build trust with customers but the ramifications for not storing or managing information correctly can be pricey. Our blog post, How to Improve PCI Compliance for Customer Operations Teams and Call Centers sheds a light on how companies can upkeep a high standard of security and PCI compliance with a remote and hybrid workforce, including three key ways to improve PCI compliance.  

Employee engagement

Having an employee-first mindset means putting the health and happiness of your employees above everything else. Because happy workers are 13% more productive, having an engaged and happy workforce is both good for customers, companies and agents. By improving leader coaching and understanding how your team works best, you can build an engaged and productive team with less risk of occupational burnout and higher employee retention. 

Avoid occupational burnout with actionable insights 

As the lines between work and personal life become increasingly blurred, searches for signs of burnout have increased by over 221%. Occupational burnout can look like energy depletion or exhaustion, a mental distancing from one’s job, negative feelings or cynicism relating to one’s job and a reduction in productivity or professional efficacy. Burnout can begin to quickly affect your whole team and their workflow if it goes unchecked for too long. However, there is action that can be taken by CX leaders to help their agents, such as recognizing the common symptoms and causes of burnout. Encouraging teamwork and understanding your team's strengths and weaknesses while they navigate remote environments and work processes. 

Keep agents engaged and improve employee retention

Objectively measuring employee engagement and experience can be a challenging task, however, it’s an important factor in employee retention. Communication with your team is key and a first step, but regonising signs of disengagement and unhappy agents through data enables you to keep on top of things. Equipping agents to optimise their workload and schedule, and identifying areas for self-improvement by providing visibility into their workflow. This leads to agents having more autonomy in their working life, which is a key factor in avoiding burnout and employee retention and positive experience. If you want more inspiration for How To Keep Your Customer Operations Team Motivated and Unlock the Potential in Your People, check out our blog post.

Workplace efficiency

CX teams now rely on a rising number of applications and software to deliver high standards of customers service. Software is designed to make their lives easier, however, if not managed correctly, outdated software can create bottlenecks, disruptions to workflow and cost companies millions of dollars every year, without gaining any benefits. Ensuring your agents have the correct and most up-to-date tools for the job will improve productivity for remote and hybrid teams. 

Expect the best from your tech, plan for the worst 

Introducing new technology and software to your team can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to iron out any kinks as soon as possible, so the introduction of new software doesn’t slow down your team and increase handling times. Ensure your business processes are up to date with new technologies, and adapt processes and coaching material with insights from your top performers. We rounded up the Best Productivity Tools in 2021 on our blog last year to help you and your team to stay on task, communicate with one another and upkeep training. 

Streamline data integration and SaaS management 

The cloud has made it easier to build software, leading to an explosion of applications with the average enterprise now using more than 129 SaaS applications across different teams. When implementing strategies to manage data integration and SaaS management, it’s crucial that nothing is missed, or you will not have a complete picture of how your CX team works across multiple platforms. 

How Fin Simplifies Hybrid And Remote Workplace Management 

Fin work insights platform that works to streamline all areas of hybrid and remote workplace management. As a browser plug-in, Fin allows for easy installation and implementation across your entire company. And because it works within your agent's browser, nothing is missed, enabling end-to-end insights across all of their browser-based SaaS applications. 

With Fin’s insights into how agents work across applications, you can begin to understand where improvements to workflow, agent productivity and tech can be made. It also gives CX leaders a window into when their agents might be struggling with occupational burnout, as well as recognizing top talent. Because Fin gives insights into the real working habits of your agents, with deep video dives, coaching material can be adapted to reflect the action taken by those in your team with the lowest average handling time or highest rate of positive customer feedback. 

Fin’s newest update, Experiments, now allows companies to test out changes without rolling them out across the entire company. Not only does this save time and money but any kinks can be ironed out and tweaked before asking agents to implement the change into their daily workflow. This is not just a first for Fin, but a first for the industry. 

If you want to know more about how Fin can simplify your hybrid and remote workplace management, contact us to schedule a free demo today.

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