September 20, 2020

How Process Analytics is Transforming the future of CX and Operations Work

Customer Driven Podcast with Andrew Kortina and Chad McDaniel

We’re excited to share this podcast episode that our co-founder did with the Chief Community Officer at Execs In The Know. on how process analytics is transforming the future of CX and operations work.

CX operations “results metrics” (things like CSAT, NPS, handle time, close rate) are a good indicator of what’s happening, but not necessarily why. Join Chad and Andrew as they discuss better ways to manage contact center operations and improve productivity using rich insights from work-derived data.

Specific topics explored on the podcast include:

  • Using process analytics to identify and overcome roadblocks to greater program success
  • Driving efficiencies by measuring agent actions at a granular level
  • Transforming raw data into sensible, actionable insights that fuel change
  • The impact of COVID-19, and a now remote workforce, on workflow and work process

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