September 7, 2021
Case Study
Savannah Peterson

How Go2 optimized productivity and reduced handle time, improved CX

Reduce handle time, increase employee happiness, and maximize customer satisfaction while scaling your (remote) teams.

Go2 handles 55,000 tickets a day while maintaining an average CSAT score of 91%. Scott Moran, their CEO is obsessed with customer satisfaction and committed to instilling this core value as he scales his global, all remote team. It shows in their impressive 95% client retention rate. Even if you haven’t met Scott and felt his passion in person, these numbers speak for themselves. Go2 is a rapidly scaling startup eager to make work better for everyone. Go2 does this by building out global support teams for other rapidly scaling businesses (they’ve grown 146% in the last two years.) Their success depends not only on how they treat their customers, but the customer experience solutions they manage for their customer’s end user. Remote team management requires process visibility to maximize team productivity at every level of Go2. 

How to reduce handle time

It’s impossible to keep an eye on 10,000 live chats a week or know every detail about the 100+ Shopify stores they support. Visibility across the team and their tools that allows for constant iteration and learning is key. Replicating top performance across the unique work environments and patterns of individuals around the world is impossible without capturing data daily. Scott is big on transparency, and provides the same level of detail on his actions that he asks of his team. He’s also the first to share remote team management tips and lessons learned. Go2’s goal is not only to be on the same page, but to turn the page together. Increased team productivity, which includes improving customer experience, is a top priority across the organization.

Pain points

Like most teams, Go2 uses multiple tools (Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.) to run their operation. Being all-remote makes it hard to see how everyone works and discover the best workflows. Visibility on how the team interacts with their tools, as well as with customers face to face, is imperative for eliminating bottlenecks and increasing team efficiency. Pulling in the numerous sources of data, multiple APIs, case history on thousands of interactions, plus video recording for each is necessary, though finding a platform with actionable analytics was a challenge. But Go2 knew that informed coaching that led to increased productivity was key to their employee happiness and customer satisfaction. Go2 built an internal solution themselves, but Scott kept looking for a software-agnostic way of measuring everything. APIs are complex and always changing. They felt their productivity and utilization dashboards could be better.

Fin as a solution

Fin supports Go2 in scaling their global team with the actionable insights they need to continuously improve in multiple ways. Most notably, Go2 is the first customer of ours to hire an internal full-time Fin clip editor. This unique role at Go2 is responsible for a variety of content that builds out the Go2 knowledge base. They curate video examples of best practices and lessons learned for training purposes, select highlights from team meetings for video board updates, and they note bottlenecks and bugs captured through Fin video. Go2 even leverages Fin video for content on their YouTube channel! 

Beyond Fin clips, Fin’s insights help Go2 better serve their clients as they scale. Sometimes this is discovering that an action like copy/pasting a logo into a Zendesk email signature is costing a customer of theirs 20% longer handle time. Allowing agents to skip this step instantly improved the customer experience and reduced their handle time by 20% - all in the first week of working with the customer. It’s not just Go2 that experiences this type of impact, Fin reduces average handle speed by 56%, saving teams over 50,000 hours a week. Beyond speed, Fin customers see an average of 62% reduction in agent variance, providing consistency and increasing customer satisfaction. These results don’t just increase efficiency, they also provide the necessary data for CX team leaders to advocate for the resources they need to grow their team and advance their careers.

Next steps:

Start where you are: think about the tools your team is using - do you know what processes currently work best? When it comes to coaching and remote team management, do you have the tools and resources that you need? Metrics, KPIs, ORS… is there a way you could illustrate team productivity and scale better? If we’ve got the wheels turning, watch our demo video or schedule a time to discuss how to improve your customer experience solutions with a Fin expert.

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