October 11, 2021

Dive Into the Data on How Your CX and Operations Team Actually Works

CX leaders are excited about the opportunity for 'digital transformation' presented by new technologies like RPA, AI chatbots, omni-channel support, and customer journey tracking. Unfortunately, when it comes to figuring out which transformations will yield the best results, most companies don't even know where to start. In today’s remote-first world, granular data into what can actually make your team effective is the missing link that prevents companies from optimizing performance and increasing productivity.

How can you measure the potential impact of new technologies on CX quality and efficiency KPIs? What are industry benchmarks for agent productivity and best practices across tools and processes? What does the data say about best practices to accelerate training, development, and quality assurance throughout the customer operations workflows?

Fin's Work Insights Platform provides granular, real-time data and insights into how customer operations agents work across multiple applications to achieve customer outcomes. 

Join us for a session at the virtual Customer Response Summit hosted by Execs in the Know where our CEO will dive into proprietary data to show what actually improves operational outcomes and go over a proven methodology to help leaders drive continuous improvement and boost the bottom line.

Register here to join us and find out how to optimize performance and increase productivity. 

Can’t make it? Schedule a meeting with our team to find out more about how Fin can help you.

About the presenter

Evan Cummack is the CEO of Fin, whose mission is to help companies improve customer operations management and outcomes by better understanding and optimizing how agents work across SaaS applications. 

Prior to Fin, Evan was a General Manager at Twilio and created the company’s first dedicated contact center product. Evan led Solutions Engineering and product teams at Twilio as the company grew from a Series B startup to a $60B enterprise. Through his experience partnering with leading brands like ING, OpenTable and Coca-Cola as they migrated to the world of interactive, multi-channel customer experience, Evan discovered the need for companies to have deep insights into cross-application workflows to stay ahead of evolving customer needs and achieve better outcomes. 

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