January 6, 2022

Building Better CX Teams For Improved Customers Experience

How to use workflow insights within your CX and customer operations team to improve customer experience for 2022

A high level of customer experience should now be the priority for all retail. ​​89% of companies with "significantly above average" customer experiences have higher financial success than their competitors. But as the job of the CX and customer operations team becomes more important, it also becomes more complex. CX agents are now using multiple SaaS applications daily to complete tasks; 10% of tickets now require 11 or more interactions to resolve. An added challenge is remote and dispersed work teams are now the norm. As companies embrace the remote-first world, CX leaders will need to adapt their approach to team productivity and workflows to maintain a high level of customer service. 

Many companies are now turning to Fin to help solve these very problems, changing the retail CX team landscape for good. Fin helps to enable more productive teams that are empowered to deliver better customer experiences. By enabling CX managers to improve processes and workflows based on real data, such as true handle time (AHT), they improve the overall customer and experience, keeping them miles ahead of the competition. 

Retail is changing and agility is key

  • Problem: Retail is moving online, as are CX teams; how do you manage a remote workforce?
  • Fin’s solution: Fin enables companies to have accurate insights into how their CX team works across hundreds of SaaS applications.

For much of retail, a remote-first approach was not an unexpected change, it was however accelerated by the effects of COVID-19. It’s estimated that 2.14 billion people shop online, meaning having the online infrastructure to handle hundreds of queries every day is crucial to maintaining a high level of customer experience. Thanks to the cloud, it is easier than ever to build software, leading to an explosion of applications. However, CX leaders need a streamlined system to be sure of efficiency, outcomes, and risks for operations teams in different locations doing time-sensitive, mission-critical work across multiple applications. 

Fin is a browser plugin that works with hundreds of applications, even those you built yourself, meaning nothing is missed. Having accurate insight into what applications are being used, or not being used, allows CX leaders to make unbiased, data-backed decisions on whether more time and money should be invested in software. 

Fin also allows for experimentation. Create a baseline for CX team productivity before adopting any new processes or software. Use Fin to recognize when new processes are, or are not, working for your team and adapt quickly. For retail, agility is key, with successful companies being 3x more likely to be able to adapt quickly to changing customer needs

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People are still a retail CX teams biggest asset

  • Problem: How can you empower your CX team to deliver the highest quality experience for customers, every single time? 
  • Fin’s solution: Companies can recognize top talent and knowledge gaps, while agents can and surface problems quickly with user annotations, streamlining the CX team workflow.

Having the best and most up-to-date tech will only take you so far if you don’t have the right people in your team. If your team members are unhappy and frustrated within their job it will begin to negatively affect customer experience. It’s crucial to check in and make sure things are running smoothly. Fin offers unbeatable insights into how your team works across applications, identifying top talent but also knowledge gaps. Use Fin’s automatic video capture to create training material, as it allows you to investigate actual steps taken by your most productive team members. CX teams reported a 16% increase in agent utilization after using Fin’s insights to identify knowledge gaps within their team. 

Fin also allows CX team members to surface problems with user annotations. Agents can make a note in any application to call attention to a broken tool, meaning issues are flagged and corrected more quickly. They can also highlight an excellent customer experience interaction, or make a note for their manager to cover later. Agent feedback is just as important as customer feedback, and Fin makes it easier than ever to highlight problems or interactions to improve processes and tools. Happy workers are 13% more productive, so take the time to remove issues and bottlenecks from workflows to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration. 

Take control; KPI’s and data-backed ROI’s

  • Problem: Without benchmarks for success, meaningful improvements within your CX team cannot be made or quantified. 
  • Fin’s solutions: With data like true average handling times (AHT) you can create benchmarks for your CX team, meaning KPI’s can be based on fact, not feeling.

For improvements to happen, it is key to understand where you have come from and know where you are going. That’s why having key performance indicators (KPI’s) and provable return on investment (RIO’s) are so important. Key performance indicators work like benchmarks for your CX teams and will look different for every team. However, it’s crucial to have insights into if your KPI’s are achieved by everyone. When you have chosen your performance indicators you can segment Fin’s insights with search, such as team, application, role or any other measurement that helps you drill down and understand how to help your team work smarter. 

If you want more information about productivity benchmarks for CX teams, download our 2021 Customer Operations Benchmark Report

Fin allows you to take control of your data; easily import and export data from any source using ETL connectors and REST API’s. With common CRM’s like Zendesk, Salesforce and Kustomer, Fin offers native integrations, meaning not a single line of code is needed to unlock insights. 

Using Fin allows you to reduce risks, build sustainable KPI’s and grow your CX team without risking customer experience. Let us show you how; book a demo today and unlock the potential of your CX and customer operations teams. 

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