Automate your office

Human + Machine intelligence for executing work on demand

Get Started

Start Simple

Select a workflow and let Fin handle the details, each request may be specified as a repeating or one-time task.


Send Employee Gifts

"Fin, please send everyone on my team a small fun gift (under $30) on their birthday and work anniversary each year"


Office Supply Orders

"Fin, my team is constantly making requests for small office supplies. Can you manage this for me and order anything the team asks for that is less than $45 automatically”


Organize Office Esprit

“Fin, I love having fresh flowers in our lobby. Can you order a bouquet once every other week for less than $100. Something different every time, but no yellows”


Get On Demand Service

“Fin, our office fridge is broken. Can you have someone sent ASAP to fix it”


Event Support

“Fin, I have an important client dinner tomorrow night, can you find me a private room near the office we can book that seats at least 10, is quiet and is less than $1K"

Get Sophisticated

Articulate rules of a task to Fin in plain English, and we'll execute the work using a hybrid of machine and human intelligence


Facilities Management

Ordering supplies, restocking, repairs


Team Management

Snacks, meals, birthdays & anniversaries, spirit events


Recruiting & Onboarding

Prospecting, new hire onboarding & setup


Sales Support

Prospecting leads, research, travel


Meeting Scheduling

Internal and external


Travel Coordination

For teams, clients, and recruits


Anything Else

Fin can work on whatever use cases you come up with


"Hey Fin, I can’t keep up with these snack orders anymore. Anytime someone on the team pings you for something we’re out of, can you please reorder."
Facilities Management: Email → Check List → Login → Purchase
"There’s a new engineer starting next week! Please order all the usual supplies needed, and make sure we have a welcome basket delivered on her first day."
Recruiting & Onboarding: Login → Purchase → Schedule Delivery
"We have our company all-hands meeting on Tuesday. Can you get us some breakfast food delivered before the meeting starts?"
Team Management: Purchase → Schedule Delivery
"We need to bring some company swag with us to our event next week. Can you design a simple t-shirt with our logo on it, and have 100 sent to the conference?"
Event Support: Create → Recommend → Purchase → Schedule Delivery
"Can you message the team and see if anyone has any supply requests? Just consolidate and use the corp Amazon account to get it done."
Facilities Management: Email → Create List → Login → Purchase
"Fin, will you send me ten new leads every week on Monday? Do a little research on each and include a sentence or two on what you find."
Sales Support: Research → Create List → Email
"We’re out of coffee filters! Can you get some here today? Use the corp Instacart account and send me the receipt."
Facilities Management: Login → Purchase → Email
"Fin, can you schedule me quarterly dinners with each of my clients? Find us a new place each time."
Meeting Scheduling: Research → Schedule → Calendar → Book Reservation → Reminder
"Sam and I are headed to the East Coast in a couple weeks (dates in calendar). Will you find / book some flights and hotel rooms for us? Try to seat us next to one another so we can work on the plane."
Travel Coordination: Research → Book → Calendar
"Hey Fin, I’m out sick today. Can you reach out to the folks in the 10am meeting and let them know, then find us a new time to meet on Tuesday?"
Meeting Scheduling: Message → Schedule → Calendar → Reminder
"Steph had her baby! Let’s send her a gift from the team to say congratulations."
Team Management: Call → Purchase → Schedule Delivery
"Our video conferencing system isn’t working out. Can you research other service options, and order us some better table mics?"
Facilities Management: Research → Recommend → Purchase
"Hey Fin, we have an interview candidate coming in next week. Will you send him directions to the office, and schedule the interview sessions internally?"
Recruiting & Onboarding: Email → Schedule → Calendar
"The office dishwasher is on the fritz again (see pic attached). Can you schedule a repairman to come fix?"
Facilities Management: Transcribe Photo → Research → Call → Schedule → Calendar
"We’re recruiting at Columbia next week -- can you find me a catering option for our event on Thursday, make sure they can deliver to campus, and schedule it to arrive 15 minutes early? Let’s ballpark it for 50 students. Use the corporate card, please."
Event Support: Research → Call → Order → Schedule → Purchase → Confirm
"Hey Fin - can you find phone numbers for 50 doctor’s offices in the Bay Area? Doing some market research. Please put it in a Google Sheet and share with Andrew as well."
Sales Support: Research → Consolidate → Email
"I want to send thank-you cards to everyone who helped coordinate our events on the recruiting trip. Would you help me track down their addresses and write the first draft of a simple note we can send?"
Team Management: Remember → Message → Save to List → Draft → Email
"Can you do some research on backup power for the office in case we lose electricity again? Let’s have an electrician walk through and check it out as well."
Facilities Management: Research → Recommend → Call → Schedule → Calendar → Purchase
"I want to start having regular 1-on-1’s with folks on the eng team. Will you book me 1 per week starting on Wednesday? Just rotate through whoever’s available!"
Meeting Scheduling: Schedule → Calendar → Message → Reminder
"Fin, let’s get Summer Friday’s rolling again starting next Friday. All new places this season please - except let’s go back to SPiN! Can you put it on the calendar and invite the team?"
Team Management: Recommend → Book → Calendar → Message