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How to Reduce Agent Churn, Improve Retention, and Upgrade Performance

Did you know that over 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021? This puts stress on managers, who are responsible for retaining agents and reducing turnover. It is understandable: high turnover is costly and could negatively affect a company's overall performance. Then, how do we appropriately assess turnover data and employ them for improved retention? Explore the answer in the report.

How to Reduce Agent Churn, Improve Retention and Upgrade Performance ebook

What You Will Learn

  • Why is turnover rate important?

  • What are ways to slice turnover data?

  • How does high turnover create particular problems?

  • What are the five elements that agents feel they need to thrive?

  • Why agents leave, strategies on how to predict turnover in order to reduce it, and more.