How H&R Block can improve customer & team outcomes while saving $17.1 million

Today, H&R Block has a significant opportunity to improve customer outcomes, including handle times and first call resolutions, while improving the engagement and productivity of the CX team. Compared with benchmarks, this represents a $17.1 million potential savings opportunity for H&R Block and an opportunity to decrease handle times by 25% and improve agent engagement & productivity by 16%. The below content goes over these opportunities and relevant case studies.

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$17.1 million of potential operational savings

Read the H&R Block Opportunities Report to see how you can save $17.1M from greater team utilization and better ticket resolution.

How H&R Block Can Better Enable CX Teams

Learn how Fin will help H&R Block better enable the CX and operations teams by reducing complexity for associates, measuring changes & showing ROI, and protecting against data loss

Airbnb Interview

Watch Andy Yasutake, Global Director of Platform for the Airbnb Community, talk about how Airbnb efficiently scaled team operations 2X in a single year.

Houzz Case Study

Learn how Houzz’s customer support team drove greater operational consistency while increasing team utilization by 10%.

Doordash Case Study

Learn how DoorDash decreased handle time by 12% and delivered better customer experiences.

Lyra Health Case Study

Learn how Lyra Health was able to see exactly how to drive better outcomes across the team to uplevel training & enablement.

"Within a quarter, we increased utilization by 10% and identified gaps to expand knowledge base coverage by 60%."

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