Fin Analytics
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Combining the Best of Human and Machine Intelligence

We started the Fin Exploration Company in 2015 with the premise that the future of knowledge work was not ‘pure’ AI - the future is a matter of augmenting human knowledge work with next generation tools that allow people to do their best work, focusing on the most human ‘human’ tasks and leveraging machines to do everything else. The future of software for knowledge workers is NOT the ‘office’ software suite - it is things like intelligent work routing, workflow management, and most importantly analytics. Learn more about Fin & our view of the future of work


Game Tape & Measurement to Help Knowledge Workers and Teams

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and to date human knowledge work has been very hard to instrument and therefore optimize. In the last few decades game-tape has helped athletes, tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel have revolutionized marketing by letting marketers understand their funnels, and tools like New Relic have helped engineers understand their systems – but Human operations teams doing customer service, sales, content review, and more have been largely left out of the revolution.

Fin Analytics enables teams to move beyond simple outcome data like CSAT, NPS, and close rates - and understand how work is being competed on their team. Video reply allows for better coaching and feedback, and a rich data-set allows leaders to target the improvements they want to make.

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What We Have Learned from our Own Operations

We believe in learning by doing. Before offering Fin Analytics to others, we first built it to serve our own internal needs. To help understand first hand the future of work, we built our own on-demand assistant service, and scaled it to thousands of professionals using it instead of full-time EAs / PAs. While our number one lesson coming out of our first-hand operational experience was how critical Fin Analytics was to providing high-quality service, we learned a few other tricks along the way and are committed to sharing our Lessons from operations