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About Us

About Fin Analytics

Fin Analytics is a comprehensive measurement platform for operations work.

Founding Team and Investors

Fin was founded by Andrew Kortina (former co-founder of Venmo) and Sam Lessin (partner at Slow Ventures and former VP of Product at Facebook).

Fin is backed by a great team of investors from Kleiner Perkins, Accel, and CRV.


We discovered the need for a comprehensive measurement platform for knowledge work while running a service that provided on-demand executive and personal assistance.

We had a large team of operations agents located in Phoenix, San Francisco, and the Philippines, that was using powerful internal tools to augment their knowledge of our customers and automate repetitive workflows.

We quickly realized that the standard “results metrics” for customer service operations (CSAT, NPS, handle time, close rate) did not provide sufficient insight for prioritizing our highest leverage opportunities to improve the organization through performance management, coaching, process improvements, better tools, and automation.

We built Fin Analytics to provide the same depth of insights for operations work that we were accustomed to having for understanding consumer behavior when building web products.


Fin Analytics gives your team ‘full funnel’ insights into your team’s work. Continuous live video and action logging you get the insights you need to provide better coaching and training, and the analytics you need to know where to focus process and engineering resources

We are happy to share with you industry specific case studies, and give you a custom walkthrough of the tool, or you can review our