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The best way to predict the future is to create it. At Fin, our fast-growing team is creating a future of work that works for everyone – we’re reframing knowledge work as something that's objective, fair and measurable.

Invented for us. Perfected for you.

Fin was invented to solve a real problem. We’d built a company with hundreds of operations agents, and we didn’t know how to optimize their output, efficiency and engagement. We created Fin to truly understand the knowledge work our team was performing. The software platform was so impactful, we needed to share it with the world. 

In 2020 we switched gears to focus exclusively on delivering a powerful work improvement platform for enterprise customers - that’s Fin. We’re working with the fastest growing companies in history. We have the best investors in Silicon Valley. And with your help, we can build the greatest company we’ve ever worked at.

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We're backed by the investors who built the software industry.

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Chandrika Khanduri

Product Engineer

Inspiring excellence in each other.

Inspire Excellence, one of Fin's core values, really resonates with me. As a Product Engineer, I work on a product that enables users to constantly improve their work. At Fin we strive to embody the same principle in our relationship with one another, and with the company itself. 

In my second week at Fin I was paired with a senior team member, and together we were able to design, build and ship a customer-facing feature in three weeks. It was an amazing learning experience and I can't wait to swap roles and take a new team member on the same journey of rapid and rewarding learning and productivity.

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"The soul of Fin is about doing better work. If you're ready to do the best work of your career, we want you. If we aren't currently advertising your dream job, write your perfect job description and me. Great ambition is rare and we value it."

- Evan Cummack, Fin CEO

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