About Fin

Augmented Memory & Search

Interact with Fin like Siri or Alexa. Use voice, text, or photos to ramble and tell Fin your stream of consciousness. Fin uses a combination of machine and human intelligence to capture and organize everything, it gives you the ability to search across your memory & Fin’s collective knowledge.

Remember Everything & Organize Your Thoughts

At its core, Fin is a personal memory tool. It is the fastest way to capture things to do, people to meet, places to go to, things to try, and thoughts to remember. Fin builds an index of all of your knowledge and helps you recall the right information at the right time through search and reminders.

Take Action for You

Fin can send emails for you, make calls, book reservations, update your calendar, and do research. It can take care of recurring tasks. Like a great assistant, Fin can do more for you as it learns more about you.